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Elements of the Phantom Part 3: The Skull Cave

In episode 196 of X-Band: The Phantom Podcast the Phellas discuss the elements of the Phantom that they think are the most important to the character. They are the elements that make The Phantom The Phantom not just some generic spandex wearing comic hero.

Over the last couple of weeks Chronicle Chamber have posted a series of polls to get your opinions about what you think are the most important elements to our hero. So far the polls have covered the Phantom's uniform and places. This week concentrates on one place in particular, The Skull Cave.

What makes the Skull Cave so integral to The Phantom and not simply a derivative of the Bat Cave? So much happens in the Skull Cave, it’s where new Phantoms are born and where old Phantoms are laid to rest. There are treasure rooms, meeting places and of course the Skull Throne.

You can make your selection below or click here to be taken to a new screen.

Feel free to discuss your choice in the comments on our socials, but please keep your arguments civil (Old Facebook Saying).

Image Credits

Skull Throne - Paul Ryan D238

The Treasure Rooms - Paul Ryan D238

The Crypt - Paul Ryan D238

The Vault - Sy Barry S111

The Chain - Wilson McCoy S034

X-Band - Sy Barry D112

Chronicle Chamber - Paul Ryan D238

Hall of Costumes - Paul Ryan D238


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