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Egmont Finland Announces New Mustanaamio Comic for May 2023

Finland is one of the few countries that has seen over 1000 Phantom comics published in its country. However since the regular Mustanaamio stopped publishing in 2010 we have seen less than 30 comics and collections published. Could that be about to change?

Story House Egmont, the Finland branch of the Egmont super large publishing giant has announced that a new comic will be released on 17 May 2023.

No news if this is going to be the start of a regular series again, a one off edition or even a semi regular collection series but either way this is very welcomed news indeed.

The story "Karpaatian vampyyri" ("The Vampire in Carpatia") will be included and was created by Ulf Granberg and Jaime Vallvé and first published in Finland back in issue Mustanaamio 10/1976.

No news yet if other stories will be included in this comic.

For the past 6 years, Story House Egmont has been reprinting the Swedish Softcover books. Story House Egmont is first a business and they would not be starting this new series or publishing a new Phantom book unless they were fairly sure they could sell enough copies to make money.

As explained to us by someone in the game. Printing singular collection books can be more cost effective. In layman terms, you can make a profit on a book that sells 500 copies but a magazine could need to sell 3-5000 copies to make the same profit because so much is lost in distribution through shops.

At the moment, the book is not available for pre order at the Story House Egmont website (click here to view past and current Mustanaamio books).

Thank you to Petri Aarnio, Andreas Eriksson and the Mustanaamio Facebook page for the information. When we learn more, we will announce here and on our social pages.


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