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Comics Kingdom & Bring Together A Paid Subscription Service for Vintage Strips

Digital comics are very popular with fans able to read their favourite new and old comics and characters without the need to physically store them or even be in the same country as originally published.

Frew Publications had the option up until recently, Fantomen currently have an online subscription service and through Comixology (now Amazon) has limited Phantom stories on their service (list here). Now through the online service Comics Kingdom they have started to also offer digital vintage strips through

The prices are:

  • 1 Year Subscription (12 issues): $99.95US

  • 2 Year Subscription (24 issues): $199.90US

  • 3 Year Subscription (36 issues): $299.85US

  • 4 Year Subscription (48 issues): $399.80US

At this stage Discount Mags only has the first story "The Singh Brotherhood" by Lee Falk and Ray Moore online at a cost of $30US singular or via the yearly subscription costs above. This is compared to having the Hermes reprint series "The Phantom: The Complete Newspaper Dailies Vol. 1: 1936-1937" on Amazon for $0.

While I applaud the licence holders of the Phantom to try and provide digital comics, they already have an online source with their Comics Kingdom website (our review here), why not make that better and why not use Amazon which is the superior more popular service?


Recent Phantom Happenings

Thanks for subscribing!

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