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Book Celebrating Norwegian Artist Håkon Aasnes 50+ Years Career

Håkon Aasnes may not be an artist many outside of Norway know but in the last 50 odd years he has drawn over 440 different comic stories including Disney, Egmont and his own creations including Seidel og Tobram, Vi på Eiketun, Annika, Gråtass and Olsenbanden.

We are led to believe Håkon was the very first Norwegian to work for Disney with his Donald Duck stories.

13 February 2023, he turns 80 and to celebrate his legacy on comics this book is released published by Egmont Norway. The book is 80 pages and includes much of his work. You can purchase via this website for 249nok ($35Au, $25US / EU and 260sek).

His only official Phantom work, "Revealed" written by Idi Kharelli was originally published in Fantomen 1/1982 (Bastei #207, Fantomet 10/1982 and Mustanaamio 10/1982).

He also wrote an unlicenced story in a Norwegian fanzine Bobbla 1/1978. A scanned copy can be found on our Phantom Preservation Project.

According to rumours and traditions, it is told that due to Aasnes wanted to draw the Phantom in a style closer to Wilson McCoy, rather than to Sy Barry, he never came to do another story.

In the last decade or so, he has produced some amazing commissions for phans from around the world celebrating his favourite era of the Phantom universe. You can see two such examples below.

Recent Phantom Happenings

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