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Chronicle Chamber’s Phundraising Phaffles

For those who came in late…

Phantom + Raffle = Phaffle!

As we discussed in X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #140, Peter Kingston of The Phantom Art Show has generously donated several artworks from the exhibition to be used as part of our phundraising efforts for the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal in Australia.

To make sure we honour this generosity and raise as much money as possible, while also giving all phans a chance to own one of these one-of-a-kind and completely unique items, we've decided to hold a series of phaffles.

What's a phaffle? Well, over the last few months phaffles have become a great way for collectors to quickly sell items at a price that they want to get for it. Popular on Facebook groups like Trader Joe's General Store For Phantom Collectables, phans have also had the chance to add to their collections by getting sought after items at minimal price. In essence, it's a raffle with a limited number of tickets.

Given this is a phundraiser for a desperate cause, and that the extraordinary prizes on offer are by nature very difficult to value, we're tweaking the idea by asking for a minimum number of tickets sold before the prize can be drawn. Peter has been a great help in assisting us set these minimum values.

Since the podcast release, Friend of The Phantom Pete Klaus has also been in touch, offering a some Sal Velluto designed pins and buckle as another phaffle prize!

The phaffles will be held on our Facebook page and will run for only a few days each - see the schedule below. Over the coming weeks we'll publish a series of posts, each featuring:

  • a picture of the item up for grabs and a brief description

  • a price per ticket to enter

  • a closing time for the draw

  • the minimum number of tickets required to close and draw the phaffle

  • our PayPal details.

If the minimum has been reached or surpassed by the closing time, we will draw the prize and move on to the next one. If the minimum has NOT yet been reached, then the phaffle will stay open until it is; in this case the phaffle will close immediately once the minimum is achieved.

All funds will need to be sent to our PayPal address. Comments / likes / shares are welcome, but will NOT be considered entries in the draw. Only PayPal receipts count as tickets.

Prizes will be posted to Australian winners at no extra cost. International winners to pay actual postage.

So, check out the catalogue of items below, take note of the planned schedule if you want to target a particular piece, and good luck to all phans!

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