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Storing and displaying the T-Shirts in your Collection

Phantom phans love their collections and are justifiably very proud of them.

Some are lucky enough to be able to display their collection around the house or even in a dedicated "Skull Cave". Displaying is important, because no one really wants their collection to be stuck in the back of a cupboard or away in the attic. We also know the importance of being able to store the collection safely and securely to maximise return when or if you sell.

Most phans will chase down a t-shirt or two to wear proudly as they walk the streets of the town. However others would rather just collect the clothing, while some phans swear off collecting apparel all together because it can be bulky and difficult to store and display. It is hard to know what is a good solution for storing and displaying clothing.

We hope the following video may help provide a few options of possible storage and display solutions for your Phantom clothing.

If you're keen to to try the plastic storage sleeves, just search for "ezstack clothes stacker" on your favourite online shopping platform whether that is eBay, Amazon or others, and you will be presented with several options.

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