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2018 Products Released by Ludi in Brazil

Recently we were made aware of new licensed merchandise products released last year in Brazil branded and released by Ludi. Unfortunately we missed the original release date and there is only three different items in the line.

The three items are a Ceramic Mug, a Travel Thermal Mug and a Pillow which all feature collages of several Sy Barry artwork from Daily Newspaper Stories. It is a nice change to see something different from the normal KFS licensed style guide collection we have been seeing for the last 10-20 years.

Unfortunately, you can not purchase these from Ludi or some of the other ecommerce home-ware websites from Brazil but you can purchase from Brazil's Mercado Livre which is their equivalent of eBay.

Generally the Pillow and Travel Mug will cost you around 40BRL ($15AUD & 10USD) each and the Ceramic Mug will cost you around 65BRL ($23AUD & $15USD).

However with any online auction website you can pay less and more depending on shipping, taxes etc. Mercado Livre can ship overseas but we would recommend contacting a Brazil Phantom phriend and getting them to purchase these items for you. The other note of caution is that Brazil's postage system is sub standard at best with export and import taxes and super slow service to Australia and elsewhere.

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