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Legacy Series #1: Phantom Adventures Video Review

Glenn Ford broke the news of this new series on his recent visit on the podcast in episode #121 (from 2hr48m05) and plenty of phans were excited. What makes the Legacy Series so appealable to phans and collectors is the fact the 1950's Phantom Adventure books are so hard to add to your collection in today's market. At a guess 90% of all Phantom phans will never add one of the three prose comics to their collection - let alone all three.

The other draw card is the amazing cover by Chris Wahl who knocks this cover out of the park, so much so Frew have released a stand alone door poster you can buy at their website - purchase here for $60AU plus postage. Video unfortunately does not do justice the cover as Frew have pulled out all the stops to make this collectible.

You can watch our review below:

Part of the book is a brilliant insight and appreciation and illustrated history of the work of cartoonist and illustrator Jan Kickhefer who was one of the artists featured in the prose stories.

You can purchase the book direct from Frew here for $32 incl. postage (Australia only) and $20 plus postage (for international orders, check out the shipping costs for your country). Or you can purchase from your Local Comic Book store.

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