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Vote for the Best Cover 2018 Fantomen and Win!

The Frew Best of 2018 might be run and won, but the Fantomen Best Story comp is still open until February 8. And now it's time to vote for the Best Cover of Fantomen 2018! Go to or click here to get voting.

Throughout 2018, Fantomen released 19 issues. Henrik Sahlström was the main cover artist of the year with 13 covers. The team Sal Velluto & Eugenio Mattozzi drew 5 covers and Rafael Ruiz did one cover.

No matter where you are in the world, you can still vote as you do not need the physical comic to be able to judge what you think is the best cover. The cool thing is that every entry goes into the prize draw!

If you can't read Swedish to follow the website, you can use Google Chrome which has an inbuilt translator tool. We would also suggest using Phantomwiki for Fantomen 2018 which lists all the covers.

With just a little research you can place an informed vote and be in the running to receive one of 100 bags, with the winning cover as a printed image on the bag. NOTE: All entries are eligible for the prize - you do not have to have selected the cover that ends up winning.

No word when the voting ends so get in today before you miss out.

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