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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #107 - The Phantom at Brisbane Supanova

In Episode 107 of X-Band: The Phantom Podcast, we are delighted to bring you a recording of a The Phantom panel from Brisbane Supanova on November 10, 2018.

While the topic as advertised in the program (right) was promising, unfortunately the Supanova team did not exactly bring together a heap of Phantom experience for the panel. Established cover artist Jamie Johnson certainly brought credibility with him. However it is fair to say that co-panelists Tom Taylor, Ryan K Lindsay and Dean Rankine, while amazing writers and incredible talents in their fields, are less well-versed in Phantom lore.

Even so, no one was more surprised than X-Band podcaster and covertly-recording audience member Dan when Tom got down from the panel stage and swapped seats with him about 15 minutes in, after he made what he thought would be a short appearance with an audience comment on a point Dean had made,

Jamie was very gracious in sharing his first ever Con panel with a ChronicleChamber blow-in and had some very nice words to say about the work we do

Keep a special ear out for Jo, whose statements from the audience really have the potential to resonate with a lot of Phantom phans.

Special thanks to all panel members - especially Tom Taylor - as well as the moderator for being accommodating enough to bring ChronicleChamber onto the stage and contribute in some way to the conversation.

Happy Phantoming!

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