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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #104 - Frew's TPB 2 Review and insights with Dale Maccanti

After what has been a very busy month in the CC Team's non-phantom part of their lives we have now published episode #104 of X Band: The Phantom Podcast.

In this episode Jermayn, Dan and Steve are joined by author and board game designer Dale Maccanti. Dale shares the latest news relating to The Phantom board game and also joins in with the phellas as they review Frew's 2nd Trade Paperback, "The Man Who Cannot Die". The team also review and talk with Dale about his work on the Princess Sin prequels and we get a wonderful insight into the writing processes of one of the most exciting new authors in Frew's stable.

So kick back into your favourite skull throne, pour yourself a cold glass of milk and enjoy episode #104. Happy Phantoming!

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