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Swedish Egmont 2018 Christmas Album & Special Collectors Cardboard Box Subscription Special Now

Every year Semic and then Egmont puts out a Christmas Album which is a tradition which started all the way back in 1944 and 2018 is no exception with it already hitting stores late October.

For the third year in a row it features a cover from Henrik Sahlström and includes the Facsimile copy of a past annual – this year 1968 includes a traditional cover by Rolf Gohs and the contents. All up the issue is 96 pages, costs 99 sek ($15AU) and includes the following stories.

  • "Kistan från Bombay ("The Coffin from Bombay") by Michael Tierres and Jaime Vallvé (Not published in English)

  • "Shamurs öga" ("Shamur's Eye") by Michael Tierres and Jaime Vallvé (Not published in English)

  • "Det magiska bergets hemlighet" ("The Secret of Magic Mountain") by Bill Harris and Bill Lignante (Part of the Facsimile copy of Annual 1968)

  • "Hotell Wambafallet" ("Mystery of Wamba Falls Inn") by Lee Falk and Sy Barry (Part of the Facsimile copy of Annual 1968)

Most shops in Sweden should be selling the Christmas Album otherwise I would recommend contacting someone or you can buy online at shops like Pressbyran.

Some fans not familiar with the Christmas Albums will notice the non-Christmas feel to the cover unlike the 2017 Australian Frew Christmas issue. From my understanding no Semic & Egmont Christmas albums have ever had a distinct Christmas style cover. You can check out the past 75 issues here at Phantom Wiki.

Below are a couple of photos of the 2018 Christmas Album out in shops including a dedicated pop-up Point of Sale for other comic titles Christmas Albums. Click the images for a better close up look.

The other very exciting development which you will see in the photo attached is a third special comic being sold at shops. It holds a regular issue cased in a cardboard box with a special Sal Velluto drawing which also houses a subscription special for three comics at a price of 129 sek ($20 AUD). The image off Sal's first appeared back in 2015 and has been altered slightly.

This is a great idea as a Christmas stocking filler gift and for many a completist, another thing to hunt down and buy. Again, most shops in Sweden will have these available and if your one of the many non-Sweden completist fans out there reading this, try contacting a phan who may be able to help you.

The front and back of the cardboard box. Click the images for a better close up look.

Thanks to Andreas Eriksson and Thomas Askjellerud for the information, photos and links.

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