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Dolmen Editorial Releases Sunday Sy Barry Reprints Volume 1

News has filtered out from Dolmen Editorial that along with their Dailys reproductions, they are now starting reprints of the Sunday series, again beginning with the legendary Sy Barry.

The first volume (1962 to 1965) hard cover book has just gone to print and will be available to purchase via their website. Of course it will also be available in other Spanish comic stores and online shops like in two to three weeks, which will be just in time for Christmas.

Interestingly, unlike the Sunday reprints published by Hermes Press, Dolmen will publishing these in black and white which will keep the costs down for those of us on a budget. Time will tell which looks better, black and white or colour. ChronicleChamber will try and do a review on this.

The front cover informs us that we will see some great classic stories between 1962 and 1965 which include stories like:

  • Treasure of the Skull Cave

  • The Astronaut and the Pirates

  • Old Baldy

  • The Giant Bird of Gandor

  • The Founding of the Jungle Patrol

  • The Great Web of Spidera

  • Mystery of Wamba Falls Inn

Personally I am most excited to see The Founding of the Jungle Patrol, which in many phans' opinions is one of the top five or ten Sy Barry stories ever produced. The quality of the art and story-telling is extremely impressive, as well as the story containing elements of great historical importance to Phantom Lore.

I know several phans who have purchased the Daily books and have been very impressed with the quality produced by Dolmen Editorial. You can see our review of Volume 1 on the ChronicleChamber YouTube channel.

It is expected that each page will feature the whole Sunday story in original format. The books are priced at €30, which is very reasonable for hard cover with 180 pages of comics and a further 10 pages of articles and photos.

Below are a couple of scans from the stories, with the colour examples provided to get a feel for the difference between these and the black and white version.

Thanks goes to Rafael Marin for the information and Ivan Pederson who lent us some high quality scans to include in this article. Both gentlemen are doing great jobs restoring and preserving history for us to enjoy.

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