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Chronicle Storage Box Another Step Closer

It's a project that's been 18 months in the making, but long-time Phantom phan Kelby Wooldridge is another step closer to realising his dream of producing his perfect Phantom comic storage box.

As we reported early last year, Kelby is keen to produce his own comic storage box, and the designs are coming together. After a range of options have been considered and moulded, a final prototype is on the table and he is ready to look at pre-orders. Artwork has been approved by KFS and he is ready to produce a fully licensed Phantom product.

Bearing in mind that Kelby is a phan like the rest of us and not a professional merch maker, he's going to need a little help in getting this project off the ground, and that's where the rest of the phans come in. We'll let Kelby explain how you can help in his own words:

The ultimate Phantom Chronicle

Hi fellow Phans, I have done a bit of an upgrade on the original idea and have a pricing figure of around $25 per unit. The box is covered in PU Leather and has the Phantom logo debossed into the front cover, as well as the Phantom Skull mark on the curved spine. We have just received the approval for the Phantom Comic Box artwork from King Features Syndicate.

This is made out of 1500 gsm card and lined with matt white lamination.

Also on the spine is a number label holder so you can know what is inside each folder. On this label holder is a hook for you to pull the folder off the book shelf.

Each folder will still hold 18 issues or 12 issues and a Phantom Annual in plastic bags and back with cardboard.

However, As this is being made for the Phans out there we would like you to have your input to the design and overall look of the Chronicle. Since we are trying to keep this affordable for you but also wanting to deliver a quality product please keep that in mind when you make suggestions.

The colour is purely for presentation purposes at the moment and can be changed prior to final approval.

I am after expressions of interest for this as the minimum order quantity is a 1,000 per order and to keep all costs to a minimum I would need payment upfront. If the number of likes for this gets over 1,000 then I will need crowd funding to get this started. That would require $1 from everyone who liked it. This contribution would then come off your purchase to a maximum of a $1 per unit.

Once we have enough interest in this product we will set up a Kickstarter/Go fund me page to get a prototype made. Details of this and how it will work will be mentioned at that time.

Hopefully this will be ongoing as part of the cost is going to a Phantom relatable type charity. Look forward to your response to this.

I would like to thank everyone for their support and enthusiasm that has helped me to this point and hopefully get me to the end.

So there is the challenge phans! If you too would love to see this happen, make sure you like one of our social media posts advertising it, or email Kelby directly.

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