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El Hombre Enmascarado Vol 1 reviewed

Please note that this book was sent to the team at ChronicleChamber for a review. All our opinions are individual and we are not paid for anything we write.


Below is a video review I have done for the The Phantom - El Hombre Enmascarado: Volume 1, and overall I believe it to be a great book. We first posted about this book back in February.

The most important factor with any of these retrospective presentations is the print quality of the strips, and this book is crystal clear and precise, and is a pleasure to read / look through. As I outline in the video I like the small details of care that editor Rafael Marin and his team took with this book.


Volume 2 IS OUT NOW which covers years 1963 to 1965. Volume 2 contains 200 pages.of stories as well as a further 10 pages of articles & Interviews.

The stories covered in Vol 2 is an amazing collection and covers arguably Sy Barry's best ever including:

  • The Mystery of the Island of Dogs

  • The Drummer of Timpenni

  • The Reef

  • The Adventures of Lucy Cary

  • The Bad Ones

Along with the above stories, Rafael returns with an interesting article reflecting how the roughnecks have changed from WWII battling the Japanese, with a Falk version of the Cuban Missile Crisis and revolutionaries in the Caribbean smuggling guns to overthrow a power.

Along with the stories and Rafael's article, Egmont artist Joan Boix is interviewed and included in Volume two.

This issue is a real labour of love and in my opinion, the team of restorers have done a great job.


Thank you to Dolman Publishing and editor Rafael Marin for a copy of the book to review.

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