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Team CC (& Special Guest) Review Kid Phantom Kollection #1

At the 2018 Sydney Supanova Comic Con, Frew and the Kid Phantom team released a special Printer's Proof of an upcoming trade paperback: Kid Phantom Kollection #1. With cover art by Dr Paul Mason, this special edition collects Kid Phantom issues #1-4 (all illustrated by Paul), as well as two bonus short stories written by series author Andrew Constant.

The first extra features Young Mandrake which first appeared in the 2018 Sydney and Perth Supanova program with art by West Australian Brenton McKenna. The second story is a prose story with some amazing spot illustrations by James Brouwer.

Watch the below video as Dan, Jermayn and Gus (who is fast becoming the fourth Team CC regular) look over the book. It's safe to say the kids will be over the moon with this book.

We have been informed by the Frew Crew that the official public release Kid Phantom Kollection #1 will be released in September / October and will be cheaper than the Printer's Proof. When we know more - you will be the first to know.

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