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Jason Paulos Selling his Gaslight & Princess Sin Story Art

Hands up if you're enjoying the Phantom by Gaslight series and the very recent prequel to the Princess Sin saga? If so this is your chance to own something cool, historic and very awesome ... the original art!

Jason Paulos has a long history of quality comic art, not just in Australia but also for DC. His Australian work has included Mad Magazine, Black House Comics and Hairbutt the Hippo, his own story that stars an anthropomorphic hippopotamus named Hairbutt who works as a private detective. One Hairbutt story even included a Phantom cameo / spoof story (available in our Phantom Preservation Project collection). His only published Phantom work before Gaslight was a trading card for the Gallery Trading Card Series.

Together with Gaslight author Christopher Sequeira, we interviewed Jason on Episode 65 of X-Band: The Phantom Podcast.

His most recent story is the The Rise of the Red Dragon, which is a prequel story studying the genesis of one of the most famous femme fatales the Phantom has ever battled. It was recently published for the first time in Frew #1813, and is connected with the board game that writer Dale Maccanti is working on (more of this to come very soon).

if you are interested in the art for either story and want some prices, contact Jason directly via his email (

Jason's work speaks for itself but if you want to have a look, check out the gallery below.

Thank you to Dale for the use of his photos.

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