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One Last Hero Complex

Sammy J is reprising his award-winning show Hero Complex for a very special, very short run in 2018, and it starts next week!

Long-time readers know that we here at ChronicleChamber are unabashed fans of the Australian musical comedian and lifetime Phantom phan, whose knack for story-telling, self-depreciation and absurd nostalgia delighted audiences across Australia throughout 2017. Now in a very limited return season, Sammy is giving phans one last chance to enjoy his very Phantomcentric show.

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And it's fair to say, Sammy is pumped to be bringing the show back for one last hurrah: "Like the Skulls of Touganda, these three shows will combine to create a magical send-off to my very favourite show. The final showbags are ready, the piano has been tuned, and now I stand ready for one last ride through the Deep Woods!"

The Hero Complex showbag

For well explained reasons, this show will never be available on DVD or other, so seeing it live is your only way to experience it.

We literally cannot recommend this enough. If you are in Adelaide, Hobart or Melbourne and consider yourself to be any sort of a Phantom phan, you simply must get to this show. If you live elsewhere, move.

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