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ACAF Kid Phantom Panel

Back in January we told you about a new podcast starting up: the Most POPular Podcast .

Well, hosts Amanda Bacchi and Dr Paul Mason have been very productive and they are already up to their 13th episode!

While most of their podcasts have been of a general pop culture nature, episode 13 will be of particular interest to Phantom phans - it's all about Kid Phantom.

Indeed, Amanda was thoughtful enough to record a conversation that featured Dr. Paul Mason (artist), Andrew Constant (writer), Glenn Ford (editor, Frew Publishing), Robbie Miles (producer/phan), Antonio DiDio (phan/LFMBEC), Trevor Clark (phan), Luke Geaghan (phan) & Amanda Bacchi (moderator), while they were all gathered together in Canberra for the recent Australian Comics Arts Festival (ACAF).

The half hour podcast is packed full of Kid Phantom goodness and certainly some teasers at what lies ahead. Some of the topics covered were: the success of the first 3 Kid Phantom issues, background into the setting up, writing and art of the books, how Andrew and Paul engage with young audiences, and what phans are looking forward to next.

Check it out via, follow the series on Facebook or YouTube, or best of all, subscribe to it on iTunes.

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