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Kid Phantom Website Goes Live

A little like the Kid Phantom himself... Suddenly, mysteriously, sometimes clumsily - in the last week the Kid Phantom website has gone live!

While the web address was first promoted in Kid Phantom #3, and printed on the back of the Kid Phantom pin freebie that came with that edition, eager visitors to the site were greeted with a 'Coming soon' message.

Now though - the site is live!

The first thing an experienced Phantom websurfer will notice is the similarity to the Phanfare site, which makes sense, speaking to the Glenn Ford fingerprints that are naturally all over both sites.

The Home page features the splash page from issue #3, as well as a promising menu bar and the obligatory social media feed. The Kid Phantom facebook page and illustrator Dr Paul Mason's Instagram are featured in that space.

The Phact-files tab links to the introductory images that featured on the splash page of Kid Phantom #1 - with a special extra unseen Bandar bonus. Comix, meanwhile, shows images of the comic books released so far, contains sample pages of the interior art work, and links to the Frew website for interested buyers.

Character profiles of the key characters revealed in the first three books can be found under Characters. So far these only include Kid Phantom (Kit himself), his mum and dad (Phantom 20), and Guran, but this will certainly be the place to find out more about all the characters that will appear on the freebie pins that will be included in the next 5 comics.

Downloads offers up a free A3 size pdf copy of the Kid Phantom poster which can be printed at home, work or your local print shop, and Shop sends you straight to Frew's Kid Phantom products, including the signed poster, mask, stickers and Universe card.

At the moment, the tabs that hold a lot of potential - Games and Art Class - lead to empty pages, but the fact that they are included is very promising and a very exciting sign of things to come.

At the minute, the Kid Phantom site is clearly a work in progress and certainly set up for mums and dads more than the children that Frew are hoping will fall in love with the product. However, the menu shows clear intent of targeting the younger phans who, for now, can keep checking back for updates.

So what does an 8 year old squarely in the target audience think about the website? One of the junior members of the ChronicleChamber team takes you through it in the video below...

Or of course you could always head over to and check it out for yourself!

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