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Kid Phantom: Homework - Trailer

Phans of Kid Phantom have been eagerly awaiting the public release of the animated short film Homework ever since it was announced as being in production.

Unless you were lucky enough to attend the screening at the QUT Griffith Film School showcase evening back in October, the best you've probably been able to do is listen to ChronicleChamber's phan commentary in podcast form (Episode 82 of X-Band: The Phantom Podcast).

Until now!

Writing for the Ozanimate website, Dr Marianna Shek has provided a wrap up of the student talent emerging in Brisbane and focuses on a number of individuals and their projects. First and foremost among them is Kid Phantom: Homework!

Dr Shek highlights that Homework, produced and directed by Rye Elms, Jacob Mackay and Karis Spencer actually won the overall Best Animation Production for the evening. She also quotes co-director Jacob Mackay,

"It was surreal to work on an established IP, especially one as famous as the Phantom. My favourite part was watching the character design change through slight iterations. Having feedback from Paul Mason… watching the whole project come together was something I’ve honestly never experienced before, seeing something to this scale to completion."

But most excitingly for Phantom phans, she also sneaks in a little link to a film trailer for Homework.

You can watch it now by clicking on the image below. We think you will enjoy it!

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