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Phantom "Easter Egg" Appears on Dreamcast Junkyard

For a character who is considered to be "niche" by today's standards of comic popularity, it's sometimes surprising where The Phantom turns up. Take this for example; an article on the retro gaming website The Dreamcast Junkyard.

The Dreamcast Junkyard is a fan site dedicated to the Sega Dreamcast, the last system released by the company who gave us the Mega Drive, Sonic the Hedgehog, Shenmue, Streets of Rage, Virtua Fighter, Crazy Taxi and many more classic games. The article in question talks about how fans of the console (presumably in the early 2000's) were able to crack the system and provide a service that the console lacked; the ability to watch films. However, the films were released on Dreamcast Video disks as unofficial (AKA; pirated) copies. The author of the article, doing by the name doceggfan, pokes fun at government agencies who would take exception to this kind of thing saying that he would be much more worried about a certain purple clad hero and nemesis to pirates everywhere, as you can see in the below screenshot.

It is quite a nice reference, and certainly was a pleasant surprise today as I caught up on my retro gaming news. Well done, DCJY!

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