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X Band: Episode #76 - Kid Phantom at Oz ComicCon

In Episode 76 of X-Band: The Phantom Podcast, we are very pleased to bring you a recording of the Kid Phantom panel from Oz ComicCon in Brisbane on September 23, 2017.

The panel consists of illustrator Dr Paul Mason and writer Andrew Constant, as well as the late but very valuable addition of editor of Kid Phantom and co-owner of Frew Publications, Glenn Ford.

The team discuss:

  • the conception of the Kid Phantom comic book series

  • the plot of Kid Phantom for those who came in late

  • the prospect of a Phantom movie – and the revelation that there is soon to be a short Kid Phantom animated film!

  • what each of the team like about working on the project

  • how they came to meet and work together

  • whether Phantom comics should be published in colour

  • whether Kid Phantom should have been about the 21st Phantom, or the 22nd

  • Kid Phantom as a trade paperback

  • other projects that Frew are working on at the moment: including Phantom by Gaslight, a Phantom in the Wild West, Phantoms in various theatres of war, a trade paperback of Heart of Darkness and a For Those Who Came In Late collection that is planned for release before Christmas this year

  • the changing business model of Frew

  • the prospect of the Phantom featuring in crossover stories with other comic book heroes

  • the potential longevity of Kid Phantom as a series


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