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Kid Phantom Mania

It slipped through relatively quietly, but Kid Phantom has made an unexpected cross-over appearance in another kid's magazine that went on sale in Australian stores last month - Mania Magazine #203.

Mania #203 - August 2017

The issue features a special double page spread with series artist Paul Mason providing a step-by-step guide on how to draw the newest hero to appear in children's magazines.

The issue was a little challenging to find for some phans, with Woolworths supermarkets ultimately seeming to be the location of choice.

For those who couldn't find one or who were simply unaware that it was available, Frew has made the issue available for purchase via their website. It comes in original packaging with the free transforming robot toy, and is priced at the RRP of $6. Click here to pick up your copy.

No completist should be without one!

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