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Phantom Rings Reference Book Out Soon

Almost every Phantom phan has spent time looking for a Skull Ring to add to their collection, use for cosplay, or even wear day-to-day. And they're not hard to find - Skull Rings are everywhere.

Author Gary Horne

But very few are genuine, KFS licensed Phantom rings... how is a phan to know the difference?

The answer is coming!

Front cover

Long-time Phantom phan and unashamed Phantom Ring aficionado Gary Horne has taken a life-time of accumulated knowledge and squeezed it into a 75-page reference guide called Phantom Rings: Celebrating 80 Years of The Phantom.

This is a must have for Phantom phans keen to know about the history and authenticity of their Phantom rings, or those they are looking acquire.

Every genuine Phantom ring known to have been produced in the first 80 years of the character's history, both Skull Mark and Good Mark, is photographed in full and bright colour. Accompanying the images is detail about each particular ring: dates produced, a physical description, manufacture material, band type, variants, and a Rarity rating. Where applicable, original accompanying advertising is also reproduced, making this a truly comprehensive guide.

Approximately A5 size, the book will be small and portable enough to carry with you as you explore antique shops, second-hand stores and trawl through the Internet, but comprehensive enough that you will be able to sort the trash from the treasure.

Rear cover

It is important to note that this is not a Price Guide. As Gary states in the Foreword of the book, "I have not included pricing values due to market and demand fluctuations. Various rings have not been recorded for sale for decades, hence a value cannot be determined." Instead, the Rarity scale has been included to indicate current market availability.

Fully licensed through King Features Syndicate, Phantom Rings: Celebrating 80 Years of The Phantom is due for release on 29th May 2017. It will retail at $25 (+ postage).

Phans wanting to express interest or pre-order their copy should contact Gary via email using this link.

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