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Kid Phantom Stickers Revealed

We are only days out from the release of Kid Phantom issue #1, and Frew have teased out the series on Facebook.

Specifically, the bonus extra "pester power" hook has been confirmed! While we reported early last week that a set of stickers would be included, now we get a look at them!

In a very lengthy post, Frew provides extensive background to everything Kid Phantom!

The premise of the series is explained in detail; there is an introduction to the creative team of Paul Mason (artist) and Andrew Constant (writer from issue #2); there are also hints of plot developments to come: "Accompanied by his lifelong friend, Guran, [young Kit] sails to America to stay with his aunt and uncle. Upon arrival, he finds he has trouble settling in to a suburban lifestyle and adapting to the ways of Western civilisation. He enrols in high school and soon runs afoul of his classmates. He is taken under the wings of his physical education teacher and the headmaster, and very quickly acclimatises to the ways of the west."

None of this plot is contained in Henriquez's issue #1, which is very much a scene-setting and character-placing prologue to what is clearly a much fuller series of stories.

The extended storyline is hardly a surprise however, given the clues given by Andrew and Paul in our conversation with them for X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #62. However, we wonder how many issues down the track this might be, given the way the creators talked up the journey Kit and Guran would have to go on to even get to America!

Whichever way this goes, the ChronicleChamber team (and their sons) are especially excited about the stickers that will come as a bonus with issue #1. In the post, Frew states that "the first issue has a double page of stickers in the centre", and has added the picture below. All the images in this sticker sheet are cut from the pages of the story.

The bonus sticker sheet with Kid Phantom #1

This sheet would appear to be of a single page, so ChronicleChamber is hopeful that these may only be half the stickers that will come with the historic first issue.

Either way, they are just another reason why phans should be heading to newsagents to pick up their copy on Thursday 27th April, or pestering their LCSs to stock the comic if they are not already plnning on doing so.

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