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Frew's Graphic Novel?

Glenn Ford's revelation in the Autumn 2017 issue of the Australian Cartoonist's Association magazine Inkspot that Frew are planning to release a graphic novel later this year (as reported by ChronicleChamber here) has certainly set some tongues wagging in the Phantom phan community.

What is this story? What is it going to look like?

We had a few clues to go on:

  1. The name of the story - The Sword of the Caliph

  2. The author - Henriquez

  3. The artist - Giancarlo Caracuzzo

ChronicleChamber's own human internet Jermayn Parker and the intrepid Andreas Eriksson, have remembered and tracked down what we think may well be some of the art for the story, and it's been under our noses the whole time...

The images we've republished here today were actually first put out in front of phans on 29th December 2016, when Giancarlo posted three pages on Facebook, in a popular Phantom Facebook group no less!

Many phans probably assumed that this was going to be the art for a regular Frew comic book, but the evidence suggests otherwise.


"Phantom "the ghost who walks"

"The Sword", Frew Publications

Art by me,

Color : Flavia Caracuzzo,

Writer : Ian Henricus

it would seem that this could indeed be some of the art we are likely to see in Frew's latest attempt to broaden their business model and extend the reach and popularity of The Phantom into the wider community.

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