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Kid Phantom Release Date Revealed

It's been a long time since mid-January when we first reported that Frew were releasing a brand new The Phantom comic book, but finally we have a release date for the much anticipated Kid Phantom!

The concept of filling the "missing years" in Lee Falk's story The Childhood of The Phantom is one that has intrigued many phans and has generated a great deal of discussion in various forums.

And finally, it has been revealed in Dudley Hogarth's Message from the Publisher in Frew #1780 - April 27th is the date planned for the big reveal!!

Available in newsagents, comic book stores and of course via Frew's website, issue #1 will be a must have for all readers and collectors alike. A special bonus for buyers will be the free Kid Phantom stickers that are included with each copy.

The launch issue very much establishes the character of 10 year old Kit Walker, son of a jungle legend, who just wants to make his father proud but at the same time seriously doubts his ability to do so. The reader follows young Kit as he joins hunting parties, engages with roughnecks, and begins to deal with the fact that he soon needs to leave the only home he has ever known to go to America for his education.

While much of the debate around the series has centred around the artistic style of Dr Paul Mason (as featured on this page), we are sure that once most readers settle down with the story they will quickly get swept up in the action, adventure, and warmly familiar themes.

ChronicleChamber has been lucky enough to speak to the Kid Phantom creative team in artist Paul and writer Andrew Constant for Episode 62 of X-Band: The Phantom Podcast, and we are sure that even the most die-hard traditionalists will be heartened by the approach taken by these two dedicated creators. The podcast will be published over the Easter weekend and is compelling listening.

With only two more weeks to wait until publication, make sure you listen to the podcast to hear all the insights from the creators - we're sure this will help allay any fears you may have about the direction of this story.

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