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Phantom Comic Storage Box: Your Help is Needed!

In January this year, we reported that long-time Phantom phan Kelby Wooldridge was planning to get a new Phantom comic storage box produced and available far sale.

The planned storage box

He is one step closer to his goal, with quotes received and hopefully, a sample soon on the way. But he is at the stage where he needs your help:

We finally have a quote from the supplier in China. To go with the fake leather sample it will cost $180 USD in white. I will also be getting swatches for the different colours available.

Before I get the sample ordered I would like to see an expression of interest from phans to see who would like to order these, if they are happy with the sample. If you are interested I would like a commitment fee of $1 to help proceed with ordering the sample.

This is for a customised storage unit for your collection. If this goes well I will arrange for backing boards and plastic sleeves to help protect and display your collection. These will be specific for the dimensions. I will need a minimum of 220 likes to put in an order.

Once the sample is ordered, It will take 10 days for it to arrive. So the sooner we reach the likes the sooner we can get the idea of what it is like.

The quote from the supplier is for a minimum order of 500 per each of the six colours. Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White are the options available for the collectors.

Each of these will have a section on the front to apply a print of their favourite cover and a plastic sleeve on the spine to note the Title, issue numbers, date of issues and the publisher.

Also once the order is filled I will be donating $0.50 cents from every unit to a charity in keeping with our favourite hero. This will be released once the order has been filled. As previously stated I will be doing everything to keep the price as low as possible, including delivery.

If there are any ideas as to how you want it to look please email me at

Please like the post to note your interest.

So there you have it! If you can help Kelby out in his mission to provide this product for the market, please go to our Facebook post of this article and click Like, as well as emailing above to provide him with your contact details and $1 commitment to the project.

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