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The Hermes Phantom is Back!

It's been a long time between drinks, but finally Hermes have released their second brand new, specially commissioned The Phantom series.

Across their range of social media and communication platforms tonight, Hermes Press have directed phans to their website where their newest incarnation of our favourite purple-clad hero is available for pre-order.

A fascinating plot is promised, with Hermes spruiking a 1960's era Phantom in which Kit Walker is a wartime buddy of John F. Kennedy, who calls on the services of the Ghost Who Walks when the now-President needs a certain set of skills to help he and his country out of a jam.

The official spiel from Hermes:

The year is 1962, and the Phantom returns once again in a new adventure! There’s a possible world war with Russia looming on the horizon, and newly minted President John F. Kennedy calls upon his old friend Kit Walker for help – let the action and intrigue begin!

In this all-new Phantastic adventure, veteran Phantom script writer Ron Goulart returns with artist Sean Joyce, a newcomer to the Phantom and to comic books, but no newcomer to the art world! Joyce is best known as one of Hollywood's most talented matte painters and storyboard artists, and he is lending his talents to comics for the first time, to bring The Phantom to life in this exciting new adventure!

This five book story arc (each issue to be released every month and a half) has something for every Phan- history with JFK, Russian femme fatales, espionage, lost U.S. astronauts on a secret mission, Singh pirates, and, of course The Phantom, Diana, and Devil!

Journey back to the swingin’ 1960s with The Phantom! Issue one boasts three original covers and one virgin variant. Don't miss out!

Cover #1 was drawn by Scott Brooks, cover 1a and 1b was drawn by Sean Joyce.

Interestingly, together with Frew's Kid Phantom series, this is the second new The Phantom story announced in 2017 to be set in the 1960s.

At 84 years old, author Ron Goulart is one of the oldest active Phantom authors going around, and one cannot quibble Hermes' assertion that he is a "veteran Phantom script writer". Indeed, Goulart wrote the first six Phantom Avon novels, initially published in the 1970s!

On the other hand, it will be interesting to see how readers take to new artist Sean Joyce's interpretation and stylising of our iconic hero.

Playing on historical events (the Cuban Missile Crisis perhaps?), this may not be a story for phans who prefer their hero to be set in the here and now, but given Hermes history, the ChronicleChamber team is backing this in to be an entertaining story.

Publisher Dan Hermes makes some grand promises in his YouTube promo (below), but it remains to be seen whether or not Hermes Press are able to keep to their nominated publishing schedule of a new issue every 6 weeks or so.

Make sure you follow this link to check out the Hermes Press website and pre-order Issue 1!

Hermes Press "The Phantom" #1 - Scott Brooks
Hermes Press "The Phantom" #1A - Sean Joyce
Hermes Press "The Phantom" #1B - Sean Joyce

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