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The Phantom Hero Candle

While this may have missed the deadline for all our Christmas stockings, it is still a cool item that is worth adding to your collection. It also is one of those rare cross collectible items with the candle craze. My wife may even let this item come out of the Phantom room.

Wicked Replicas, who brought out the Phantom Strip Lamp and Lamp Hero previously, have released a new item. This time, it is a candle...

For a price of $20 it is very affordable. We are unsure at this time if you can purchase this on places like Phantom's Vault, but at the moment you can purchase it at Wicked Replicas and also Global Gear.

Light up your room with these cool geeky candles, each one comes in a beautiful presentation box and a wooden cap with burnt in logo.

The Wicked Replicas Hero Candles are made with high quality soy wax and a wood wick, each one also has it's own scent.

The Phantom's scent is Grapefruit

After the wax has burnt down you can either replace with a refill or use it as a glass and coaster.

Thank you Paul for informing us of this cool item.

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