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Sammy J Competition - Spot The Phantom!

Keen to win some sweet Sammy J merchandise?

As we reported late last week, Australian comedian and unashamed Phantom phan Sammy J has recently made a couple of big announcements regarding 2017 tour dates for his show Hero Complex, as well as the re-release of his ABC series Sammy J and Randy in Ricketts Lane.

To celebrate this, ChronicleChamber is running a Sammy J competition: Spot The Phantom.

As Sammy explained in his appearance on Episode 45 of X-Band: The Phantom Podcast, The Phantom is something of an Easter egg in his Ricketts Lane show. with comics, busts and figurines scattered around the set and visible in the background of a number of scenes.

So, here is your challenge:


  • Watch all six episodes of Sammy J and Randy in Ricketts Lane on ABC iview

  • Count the amount of shots in which The Phantom or an associated collectible item appears, including (but not limited to) comic books, posters, busts, figurines, mugs.

  • Email ChronicleChamber with your final tally from all six episodes

  • Entries close February 6th 2017 when the series is removed from iview.

  • All correct entries will be placed into a hat and winners drawn via Facebook video on February 7 2017

The winner's prize will be some sweet Sammy J merch. Specifically, a signed limited edition Hero Complex poster.

To practice your entry, watch the promo clip below:

If you watched that and counted up to 2, you're on the right track!

(Phantom bust on bedside table at 40 seconds and again at 42 seconds)

See - it's that easy!

So take the time to sit down and watch all 6 episodes. Let us know how many Phantoms you saw, and sit back to watch the spoils roll in!


  • Ineligible to enter: employees and relatives; Duncan Munro.

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