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Hermes Press' Avon Novels Available to Pre-Order

You may recall a little while ago we told you about the exciting news that Hermes Press would be reprinting the classic Avon Phantom series of novels. Well, the first of these has just appeared on-line available for pre-order.

The first volume entitled The Story of The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks, is available to pre-order from both Amazon ($23.25AU plush shipping) and BookDepository ($£20.80AU with free shipping). It seems BookDepository is getting the title a little earlier than Amazon.

These will be direct facsimiles of the original apart from the Hermes Press logo and the modern printing methods used to produce them. If you never had the chance to read the original novels or would like "reader" copies so you don't have to risk damaging your precious originals these are certainly going to be worth investing in.

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