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Deluxe Phantom Solander Box

For those who came in late, a Solander box is a book-form case made from timber and typically used for storing manuscripts, maps, prints, documents, precious books and the like. It is most commonly used in archives, print rooms and libraries.

It should come as no surprise then, that such a high-end form of storage should be utilised in compiling a special limited high-end collectible anthology to commemorate The Phantom Art Show currently touring Australia. Currently in the development stage, this one-of-a-kind and never-to-be-repeated compendium is truly a mouth-watering prospect.

As the photo below shows, the Solander box alone is bound to be a highly desirable piece for the serious Phantom phan. Each box is personally hand crafted by Dietmar Lederwasch (co-curator) and personalised for the purchaser - you can choose it in your favourite Phantom colour: blue, red or purple. The box features a striking Death's Head image on the spine, with Peter Kingston (co-curator) and Garry Shead's Phantom in Paris on the front cover.

Solander box - external view

However, this beautiful and robust box is merely an entree for the delights within. Once opened, the box reveals a literal treasure trove of prints and original pieces that are sure to delight even the most discerning phan.

The next image shows that some of the contents celebrate the Art Show itself:

(top row L-R): a box end Peter Kingston print; a signed DVD containing Kingston's 1970's Phantom movie Fanta and an ABC report on artist Martin Sharp; a song sheet from the Wollongong exhibition. In the photo, these latter two items are shown inside the Solander box.

(second row L-R): The Phantom Art Show catalogue; a postcard made from an original 1960's comic (will vary from box to box) above a postcard from the Mackay exhibition; an original Frew valued $100-$300 (issue will vary from box to box); an invitation from the first exhibition.

However, these are just a small teaser for the items that you will seriously want to add to your Major Treasure Room.

The final image sent through by Lederwasch (below) shows some of the prints that are included in this incredible collectible. These are taken from original artwork that has featured in The Phantom Art Show, but not every piece has appeared in every exhibition (or even the catalogue!) and the Solander box is literally the only place you will be able to see all these stunning images in one place.

(top row L-R): the Peter Kingston print as above; the colophon detail of the box contents; Michael Bell's Phantom Comics are cool comics; Elizabeth Cummings' PK as The Phantom; a Garry Shead print.

(middle row): Dietmar Lederwasch's Untitled; Ian Grant's Waterfront; a Kingston etching; Euan Macleod's Walking; a Garry Shead print.

(bottom row): Martin Sharp's Ghost who walks, dog who limps above another print from Shead; Reg Mombassa's Phampire; Dick Frizzle's Ouch; and two more Sheads.

Please note that some contents will vary (e.g. Frew issue, postcards).

Each print in the collection is signed by the artist and strictly limited to 24. Only 24 copies of this Solander box and the unique contents will be produced.

With 12 of these already committed as proof copies to the contributing artists and only 12 available to the general public, this is indeed among the most exclusive and limited Phantom collectibles.

Priced at $1500, this once in a lifetime anthology is not going to be affordable for every Phantom phan. However, it is perhaps anyone who wants to own this very unique piece of Phantom history should email Dietmar immediately.

At least one Solander box is complete and ready to post now, so this could be heading your way today!

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