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"Hero Complex" Poster Released

Sammy J has unveiled the promotional poster for Hero Complex, his upcoming Phantom-themed show at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

As recently reported on ChronicleChamber and discussed in his interview on the X-Band podcast, Sammy J's show reflects on his relationship with our purple-clad jungle-based hero.

Illustrated by Peader Thomas, the poster has Sammy assuming a trademark Phantom pose - a flashing Skull Ring presented strongly to the viewer.

1992 Frew #1004 - The Mob

Many phans might assume that the pose pays tribute to the classic portrayal of The Phantom by Billy Zane in the promotional material for the 1996 film, but it seems at least possible that the true inspiration was found in the first Phantom that Sammy J read - Glenn Ford's striking cover for Frew #1004 The Mob. (right).

Either way, this has to be just about the most serious we have ever seen Sammy J appear in any of his promotional material - he usually looks far more quizzical or puzzled!

Also of note in the full poster (below) is the clear homage to Frew - without ever breaching copyright! The framing of the image as an aged comic book; the inclusion the of "From the Creator of..." wording; the "New Story" breakout; the colour and font of the title; they're all clear tributes to Australia's oldest and longest continuous comic book publisher.

Finally, it really is wonderful to see what MUST be long term friend, inspiration and Phantom phan Duncan Munro idling past on the tractor in the background.

No word yet on whether the poster will be available as a collector piece for Phantom phans, but it's safe to say there are at least four members of the ChronicleChamber team who would be very interested!

Hero Complex shows for the Melbourne Fringe Festival, at the Northcote Town Hall from 15th September to 1st October 2016, but Sammy has also promised a national tour in 2017.

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