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Phantom's World Coming to Frew

In the latest Frew 1759 that comes out in Newsagents on Thursday the 11th August, Dudley breaks some exciting news about a new series that will start in Frew 1761 called the Phantom's World.

It is a series of comics from all around the world that have never been previously published in English. Dudley then mentions that the first of this new series will be another Spada story from artist Angelo Todaro who will also be creating a new Frew cover.

Attached is an image that was posted on Angelo's Facebook post a few months ago. We (Chronicle Chamber) posted it at the time, but as it was still going through the processes and still a secret project, we where asked to remove it by Frew.

We expect the cover (left) to be changed slightly with the 'Phantoms World' Labeling, the Frew numbering and maybe some other small changes but here is an idea on what we should be receiving in our mail or newsagent in a few weeks. If you liked the Felmang issue (Frew 1753) earlier in the year, you will love this.

There have been countless Spada, Egmont, Brasil, Indian and even American stories that have never been published in English before so we are in for a real treat.

The question I have: will this be for previous past published stories that have not been published because technically every new Egmont story has not been published before in English. I expect it to be just past stories and NOT new stories.

I think we are beginning to see new ideas and strategies starting to come into fruition with another slip by Dudley in an earlier Frew issue about the Phantom Kids which we touched upon in the last podcast. I wonder what else we will see?

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