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Fundraisers for Sal Velluto

Banner image from Sal Velluto's Go Fund Me page

These days it seems every day we hear sad news about creators passing or getting sick and being stuck with mountains of medical bills. Sal Velluto is the latest name.

What is great is that several phans of Sal, his Phantom and his other work, have banded together and started several fundraisers to help him pay the bills associated with his illness.

Salt Lake Comic Con has gathered several of the guests, giving away sketches and commissions with all funds being raised going to Sal's Go Fund Me campaign.

Erik, a devoted Phantom phan, has also donated one of Sals covers for Egmont from his personal collection for an auction with all proceeds to go to the medical bills as well.

It is great to see so many phans from around the world both Phantom phans and other fans giving to help a gentlemen of the comic book world.

Banner design for Salt Lake Comic Con, Sal Velluto fundraiser

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