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Three New Frew Cover Artists

2016 Frew #1754 - cover by Shane Foley

The latest Frew we saw Shane Foley debut as a Frew cover artist, over the weekend Gary Chaloner posted his new Frew cover on Facebook and a few weeks ago it was announced that Angelo Todaro is also set to produce a cover.

It is great to see more artists getting the opportunity to create Frew Covers. It also makes Frew's Signature Series more of a series worth getting with different artists signatures.

Shane Foley and Gary Chaloner are both local Australian artists who are very well credited in Australian work but also mainstream US comics. Thanks to Jeremy I also found out that Gary was on the short list for the Rumble in the Jungle story that Keith Chatto ended up drawing.

Angelo Todaro is Italian and more known for his Fratelli Spada stories. The cover he is doing will also feature one of his stories similar as the Felmang Spada story that was published earlier in the year.

2016 Frew #1756 - cover by Gary Chaloner

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