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Hermes Press Officially Announce Avon Reprints

As we reported a little while ago Hermes Press have now officially announced their plans to reprint the entire Avon series of Phantom paperbacks. In a post on Facebook the company has revealed further details of the forthcoming set.

The first volume of the set, The Story of The Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks, is due for release in August of this year with further volumes releasing every other month (so October, December, February 2017 and so on). The press release confirms that the beautiful George Wilson painted covers will remain. Indeed, looking at the cover of the first volume it looks to be an exact facsimile of the original novel save for the Hermes Press logo. The press release also confirms that the series will be paperback just as with the original releases and will be priced at $14.99 US each.

No information was given about the forthcoming box to house all of the various volumes, but that may not be revealed until closer to the end of the series run. Once it is revealed, however, you can be sure to find the information here!

Cover for the first volume of Hermes Press’ Avon reprints

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