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“Phantom Kids” Debuts

Egmont has produced a set of stories under the header “Fantomen Kids”, i.e. “Phantom Kids”. The first story is released on October 8th, in Fantomen 21/2015. As the name implies, the focus will be on the Phantom’s children, twins Kit and Heloise.

The storyline will consist of three 8-page episodes, and it is written by veteran writer Jens Hansegård and drawn by newcomer Jan Bielecki. While the Phantom is away, Kit and Heloise are trained by jungle warrior Ituri. At the same time, armed criminals enter the Llongo village.

Editor Mikael Sol states that he hopes Fantomen Kids eventually can become a separate Phantom publication aimed at younger readers.

This is not the first time Egmont has produced stories that are out of the ordinary. Since 2014, Egmont has produced several short stories by new artists – often drawn in a style unlike typical Phantom stories, and with a focus on the supporting cast from the Phantom’s world. These short stories are:

  • “Heloise on Adventure”, art by Kim W. Andersson (2 pages)

  • “Hzz takes a walk”, art by Karl Johnsson (1 page)

  • “Dangerous Waters”, art by Kim W. Andersson (2 pages)

  • “Mysterious Fog”, art by Kim W. Andersson (2 pages)

  • “Stolen Cargo”, art by Kim W. Andersson (4 pages)

  • “Kit and the Panther Queen”, art by Karl Johnsson (4 pages)

  • “Whoever digs a pit…”, art by Elin Jonsson (4 pages)

  • “Alone is…”, art by Lars Krantz (4 pages)

  • “The Man in the Darkness”, art by Elin Jonsson (6 pages)

  • “At the End of the Desert”, art by Cristiano Crescenzi (4 pages)

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