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Frew’s Answer to Shorter Egmont Stories Revealed!

Listeners to X-Band: The Phantom Podcast may remember when we talked to Scandinavian phan Andreas Eriksson that Andreas mentioned that Egmont would be reducing the amount of pages in their Fantomen and Fantomet issues. Of course we discussed what this would mean for Frew. Well, the answer is here…

Thanks to Jermayn and his Frew subscription we get an early glimpse of what Frew are doing to get around the issue. Rather than simply reduce the amount of pages in their issues, Frew have increased the page count! Jermayn has this to say about the issue;

Instead of maybe shortening the comic they have gone bigger and added a previously unpublished story – this one is from the Italian creators from 1973. [Frew publisher] Dudley and Frew [get a] big thumbs up all way around! Great work and I’m stoked to see them do this as it would’ve been much easier and cheaper to do a smaller comic or fill the remaining pages with adverts etc.

And what about the cover art? I know personally Dudley spent a lot of time and care on this cover for us who like to criticise them – lol.

Eight extra pages of story for only $1AU more? That’s a pretty good deal in anyone’s book I’d say! Issue #1729 will be in stores tomorrow (26/06/15).

Once you’ve picked it up, be sure to let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, Google + or via e-mail. Meanwhile, check out the full cover image below.

Frew #1729 "Raiders of the Lost City Pt 1" & "The Lightning Egg"

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