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Billy Zane Working on Sequel/ Reboot to 1996 Film?

Things have started rumbling again in the Phantom movie space. After several false starts it looks the star of the 1996 Phantom film, Billy Zane, might be working on plans for a follow up.

Comics website The Superhero Method contacted Billy via his Twitter account asking about when we might see the Ghost Who Walks once more on the big screen. Mr. Zane’s reply was interesting to say the least.

What exactly this means we can’t be sure, but it seems that Billy Zane is actively trying to get another Phantom film off the ground. Whether it’ll be a reboot or a true sequel remains to be seen as does whether Billy himself will be in the film. Still, it’s all very exciting.

More news as it develops.

Thanks to Mark Haywood for spotting this!

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