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The Phantom’s Vault Opens

If you’re a long time Phantom phan, you may remember The Phantom’s Vault from the mid to late 90’s, the speciality store that exclusively sold Phantom merchandise. Well, not the Vault is back with a brand new site and a heap of new merch!

E-mailing many phans this morning, Phantom’s Vault director, Rene White, announced the opening of the new website and mentioning that phans can keep track of what is available on the site by registering your e-mail address on the site. There is already an impressive range of merchandise available, from back issues to prints to toys and figures and everything in between. If back issues are your thing, you can e-mail your want list to the Vault and they’ll let you know what issues they have available, in what condition and for how much with no obligation.

To purchase goods from the story you need to set up an account but once that is done you’re good to go. The Vault accepts multiple payment methods and will also ship overseas.

So if you’re after some cool Phantom merch, head on over to The Phantom’s Vault and discover what you can fill your own Treasure Room with.

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