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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #181 - February 2021 Comics & News

It may be only be a month since our last comics and news podcast but with a heap of news and four comics to review there is plenty to talk about. Who are we kidding? We love chatting Phantom and you love listening to us - its a perfect match.

As some may only want to listen to parts of the podcast, we have included a time stamp of each topic. Either way, I hope you enjoy the podcast. We have also included links to each piece of news so if you want more information you can click the links.

The Frew 2021 annual has received a lot of negative feedback on social media. We discuss our thoughts including a response from the Frew Crew themselves and what the Frew 2022 annual may look like - they also want our feedback on what we want included with the annual. Make sure you listen to the podcast to hear some suggestions.

Comic Reviews

Frew Publications

  • Frew 1884: 3 Minutes

  • Frew 1885: 29 Minutes


  • Fantomen 2-3/2020: 37 Minutes 30 Seconds

  • Fantomen 4/2020: 41 Minutes

Phantom News

EDIT: Worth noting that there has been THREE Frew created stories published by Egmont. Thanks for the correction by our loyal listeners.

  • Hero Complex published by Fantomet

  • Jungle Love and Errand of Mercy published by Fantomen

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