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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #180 - The Phantom & Colour

Are Frew readers colourblind?

If you like watching your podcasts with props, this will be a podcast to watch on YouTube.

To discuss The Phantom & colour in detail we are joined by Kevin Patrick, author of "The Phantom Unmasked: America's First Superhero" and Indian phan Ankit Mitra who reviews the Regal Publishers Phantom comics for us. Together with Jermayn and Dan they discuss The Phantom and colour specifically focusing on the Frew comic published in Australia.

We discuss all means of topics including the quality of the product with the colouring in quality, comparing colour styles of DC and Marvel, comparing the paper quality and of course the impact it will mean to the price of the comic.

What makes this podcast work is that Ankit and Kevin know what they are talking about having a history of comics outside the Phantom.

We touch upon several discussions including the history of Indians comics and why colour is so important to them. Along with Kevin's knowledge of India, he also talked about his research into the Swedish market and even looked at why and what lessons Frew could learn with Swedens and Norways Fantomen and Fantomet change to colour in 1991.

To finish the podcast we all answer some final questions

  • Will colour Frew comics generate new younger readers for the Frew Magazine?

  • Should Frew publish all the comics in colour, keep black and white or do a nice mixture of both?

  • If you were in charge of Frew, what would you do with the colour and black and white mix of comics?

  • If you were in charge of Frew, would you colour newspaper reprint stories?

  • Would you be happy with less Frew comics a year if all in colour?

We would love to hear from you on what you think of this podcast episode along with your answers to the above questions. You can email us at or via our social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram.

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Kevin Patrick is an Adjunct Professor with the Department of Communication and Media Studies, Fordham University (Rose Hill, NY). He is an Australian media studies academic and comics historian, who has lived in the United States since 2016.

He is the author of "The Phantom Unmasked: America's First Superhero", published by University of Iowa Press (2017) and has been on our X-Band: The Phantom Podcast Episode #83 as he discussed the book and his research. You can follow Kevin at his academia page and his Instagram page.


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