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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #235 - When The Phantom Became Swedish

Mikael Lyck takes over the reigns and leads the interview with special guest Robert Aman about his new book "When the Phantom Became Swedish". It is a rather provocative title and we are sure it will get some reactions from phans around the world.

Please note, we do discuss several stories in this podcast which are listed here and may be worth a read before listening/watching this podcast.

Sweden was leading the way in the 1960's and 1970's regarding many issues in Africa and teh world at the time and it naturally flowed into their comics. Some of the 'left leaning' elements included colonialism, major white families controlling natural resources, race, apartheid, environmental issues, gender equality etc and our Phantom helped solved these issues in Team Fantomen created stories.

One of the interesting things we learnt in this podcast was that phans would write in and hold Lee Falk accountable with unacceptable elements by saying he was not processive enough and how the Team Fantomen creators would 'fix' these problems. We will include an example of this in a future article on our website.

Through Robert Aman we also learn that Lee Falk was very positive and acceptable of what the Swedish creators were adding to his character.

Along with the list of Team Fantomen stories there is some overlap with our initial X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #101 which you may also want to listen to as well. Other podcasts worth reading along with this is our interview with Ulf Granberg in episodes #97A and #97B and Magnus Knuttson in episode #119.

To follow Robert Aman you can visit his social media page here and you can buy his books here and here.

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