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What is Coming for Fantomen in 2022?

In the latest Fantomen issue (almost from the future) issue 1 of 2022, editors Andreas and Jacob talk about what we have to look forward to in Fantomen 2022.

Some of this was discussed with Team ChronicleChamber in X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #201.

I loved Fantomen 2019, each issue had a Phantom story that had not been published in Sweden, 2020 on the other hand had almost only reprints, 2021 was on the right track and now in 2022 they have announced that once again at least one Phantom story in each issue will have not been published in Sweden before.

They also mention that there will be a mix of new and returning creators and we will get to read Claes Reimerthi's last two stories.

There will be a new story with the Phantom visiting Sweden, but not in Stockholm this time.

There will be some reprints (as every year), included in the first two 2022 issues will be from Hans Lindahl, which is the first time since 2016 we have seen a story from him in a Fantomen comic.

They continue on saying that there will be some content in black and white and some in full color. If I had to guess, probably close to the mix 2021.

There will be 3 new back up comics, both from France and Sweden, first one will be in issue 6-7. There will also be some returning old acquaintances.

Last but not least they confirm that 2022 will have both the softcover book and the Christmas album. But also some kind of new book!

I am really looking forward to this Fantomen 2022!


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