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The Triads Saga TPB Review

Frew Publications has just released their third Trade Paperback, The Triads Saga.

This beautifully presented volume brings together the popular 5-part Team Fantomen story, first published in late 1994. This memorable series, written by Claes Reimerthi with story art by Felmang, was quickly printed in English by Frew in early 1995.

This TPB is the first subsequent printing of the story in Australia, and only the second time all five parts have been brought together in a single volume (it was also released in Norway in Fantomets Krønike 8/2008).

Frew has also commissioned a postscript to the original series, with a sixth story adding to the Traids legend. In a masterstroke from Frew, this was also drawn by Felmang who has clearly delighted in revisiting the characters and setting as re-imagined by Australian writer Andrew Constant. Felmang also contributes the stunning cover, with the overall effect of a seamless transition from 1994 to present.

This TPB is presented in full glossy colour and features an introduction from Andreas Eriksson, as well as covers of the original comics and information about the original series. Quality paper stock for story pages as well as a heavy paper back cover means that this is a substantial volume.

Retailing at $30, you can purchase a copy either at any good Australian Comic Book Shop or directly from Frew's website.

A full video review of the TPB is below.

The Chronicle Chamber team will review the stories in our upcoming May Comics and News Podcast.

My rating is 4.5 Good Marks out of Five.


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