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The Phantom Features in German Zack Magazine Issue 12/2022

The Phantom is making a big splash with its return to Germany with two publishers in Zauberstern and Wick publishing regular Phantom comics. Add to this renewed interest, Team Fantomen now have two German creators in Heiner Bade (interview with him here) and now new writer Bernd Frenz.

Zack Magazine is a German magazine that has been around since the 1970's with the December 2022 edition number 282 in the series.

While the magazine normally deals with French-Belgium western, crime and adventure comics like Lady S, XIII, Readbeard or Thorgal. In the 12/2022 edition it features an article about Bernd Frenz and his new role as a creator for the Swedish Team Fantomen crew.

At this stage, none of Bernd Frenz's stories have been published in Frew or outside the Fantomen magazine.

This Zack magazine costs 9€ (10US, 15AU, 100sek/nok & 800INR).

Thanks to Bernd Frenz who has supplied us with a scan of the article. You can use a translator app to read the article.


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