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Serbian "Strip Sa Margine #2" with the Phantom on the Cover Now Out

Out in January 2021 in Serbia was a comic magazine featuring the Phantom on the cover. While there is no Phantom content in this comic it may be of interest to the completist collectors out there.

Serbian magazine "Strip Sa Margine" (translated to Comic from the Margins) brings works by non-established authors and artists. All works exude creativity, ingenuity, and the whole book abounds in different styles of drawing and storytelling.

The cover is by Serbian local artist Aleksandar Anđelković.

If you are a completist and need this in your collection, we suggest buying from their website. The cost is 400 Serbian Dinars which is $5.50Au, $4US, 35 Swedish Kronors and €3.5 Euros.


Thank you to Phantomwiki contributor Marko Davidovic for the information on this comic. To learn more about Marko and his contributions to the Phantomwiki - listen to X-Band: The Phantom Podcast Episode #165.


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